Moving to Goochland, VA? You may have never even heard of it, but residents here absolutely love life in the country with the accessibility to conveniences in larger cities. Situated centrally between Charlottesville and Richmond, Goochland is a county in central Virginia with a population of just under 25,000 residents.  A move to Goochland will bring charming towns, unique neighborhoods and plenty to do and see. Distant views of the Blue Ridge Mountains make for perfect vistas, and the wide-open landscapes speak to the rural roots of the region.  Discover 11 reasons why you will love it here:



1. Opportunity in Goochland

 There are numerous small businesses and big-name employers throughout Goochland; however, a high concentration of large businesses is located in West Creek Business Park. Set in the eastern portion of the county, this business park is home to Capital One, the Virginia Farm Bureau, the Hospital Corporation of America and several more.

 2. Proximity to Surrounding Areas


Interstate 64 runs right along the northern border of Goochland County, and because this roadway connects with Interstates 95 and 295, drivers can get convenient access to Virginia’s major cites including a 25 minute drive to the City Richmond. Traveling East on I-64, Goochland is just over 2 hours from the Eastern Shore and VA Beach.  Heading west on 64, the Blue Ridge Mountains and scenic Charlottesville is only 1 hour away. Interstate  95 makes traveling to DC and Petersburg, VA a breeze with DC being a 2 hour drive north and Petersburg being a 1 hour drive south. Highway 288 takes travelers quickly south to Midlothian and Chesterfield.



3. Annual Events in Goochland, Virginia

Each year, Goochland plays host to a variety of outdoor festivals, which range from those celebrating the region’s wine offerings, to film festivals and even to beauty pageants. One of the most renowned annual festivals is the Field Day of the Past, an event that transports patrons back in time with its historic displays, living history performances, arts and crafts and more.


4. Restaurants in Goochland

 You do not have to live in a big city to have access to a fabulous restaurant scene, and Goochland is proof of that. Eccoti Restaurant serves delicious upscale food and Bella Sicilia offers fantastic Italian cuisine, while Goochland Restaurant prepares a quintessential down-home breakfast.

5. Goochland County Parks


Living in Goochland County, VA means you have access to numerous parks. Residents have the option of Leakes Mill Park, Hidden Rock Park and the county’s newest park, Matthews Park, all of which offer playground equipment, walking trails and more. Of course there is Tucker Park, too, which offers all of that and quick access to one of the region’s biggest amenities, the James River.



 6. Active Lifestyle


Between the Goochland Youth Athletic Association and the Goochland Parks and Recreation Department, there are plenty of opportunities to keep active in Goochland. Further, Goochland’s YMCA offers sporting leagues and swimming, while golfers have access to Sycamore Creek Golf Course, Kinloch Golf Club, and Hermitage Country Club.



7. Historical Sites

From the mid-1800s Courthouse, the Clerk’s Building, and even The Old Stone Jail, each structure in Goochland’s Courthouse Square has something to offer visitors with historic interests. Additional historical sites in Goochland include farms, historic homes, Byrd Presbyterian Church and even Tuckahoe Plantation, the place where Thomas Jefferson was raised.

 8. Wine


Goochland County, VA is located in central Virginia’s wine region and hosts several wineries itself. Byrd Cellars is a popular winery and vineyard that grows varietals of white and red wines while Elk Island Winery overlooks the James River and specializes in Norton, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon.




9. The Towns


It is the smaller towns within Goochland that truly make this county so special. Moving to Maidens means close proximity to the James River and all the surrounding nature, while moving to Manakin Sabot means you can soak in all the peace and quiet of rural living with quick access to the conveniences of Short Pump. Sandy Hook and Crozier are other popular areas within Goochland, and between these and the other towns, there is something for everyone.



10. Community


Life in Goochland County, VA is centered around the community. From civic clubs to service organizations, this rural area has much more to offer than just tranquility. Residents enjoy classes, the arts, gatherings and much more when living in Goochland.



11. Land, Land, and more Land.  


You know the saying… they aren’t making anymore of it. One major appeal of Goochland County is the opportunity to own larger parcels of land. With all of the given amenities Goochland has to offer, you can actually be apart of this community, and own homes on parcels of land that are 5, 10, 20, or sometimes 50+ acres.  Many Goochland residents are lucky enough to own beautiful and sprawling country properties that may include private ponds, access to creeks, rolling hills and equestrian improvements. Because of a great commitment to maintaining their “rural America” status, County Zoning and Planning committees have even created neighborhoods that include multiple lots of 5+ acres such as Breeze Hill , Kinloch, and Meadows at Manakin (aka Meadows at Joe Brooke Farm). There are not many areas where you can own 10 acres with a pond and still only be 8 minutes from a major retail hub like Short Pump.